System-level contracts

System-level contracts

System contracts provide functionality that are usually singletons and provide functionality necessary for the rest of the system to work. Note that they generally do not contain the primary protocol logic (except the Price Oracle), but they are essentially prerequisites for the rest of the contracts in the system.

AddressProviderStores the addresses of other system-level contracts. This contract usually serves as an entry point when one wants to map all of the important addresses in the system.
AccountFactoryKeeps stock of currently unused Credit Accounts, hands off Credit Accounts to the Credit Manager when a new account is opened, and retrieves the accounts back once they are closed.
ACLServes as a single source of ground truth regarding admin rights in the system. Other contracts retrieve the configurator address from them for their configuratorOnly functions.
ContractsRegisterA registry of pools and Credit Managers recognized by the system.
DataCompressorOutputs rich data on Credit Accounts and Credit Managers in a single call. Designed for off-chain use only.
PriceOracleProvides price data for collateral calculations in Credit Managers.
RouterComputes calldata for complex multicalls.
BotListStores permissions from Credit Accounts to bots.
GearStakingThe contract where users stake GEAR in order to vote in designated voting contracts, such as Gauges.

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Last updated on November 16, 2023