Gearbox V2


PriceOracleV2 aggregates price data from connected price feeds and uses it to value collateral assets to, e.g., compute Credit Account health.

Feeds must be USD-denominated and have 8 decimals.

Each priceFeed (data source) has 3 key parameters:

priceFeed addressThe address of the price feed, which should be a contract implementing AggregatorV3Interface or IPriceFeedAddress interface.
skipPriceCheckA flag determining whether the check for price feed result correctness should be skipped. Used for ZeroPriceFeed, and LP price feeds, which have their own correctness checks.

Price feeds by token type

Token typePrice feed type
Normal tokenOriginal Chainlink price feed
Yearn LP tokensYearn LP price feed
Curve LP tokensCurve LP price feed
Convex LP tokensCurve LP price feed for the underlying token is used
Forbidden tokenForbidden tokens would typically have their price feeds changed to ZeroPriceFeed, to prevent the system from being exploited.
OtherZeroPriceFeed would typicaly be used for tokens without price feeds or clear ways to evaluate them.

Chainlink price feed

PriceOracleV2 supports Chainlink price feeds that implement AggregatorV3Interface. By default, all results from Chainlink feeds goes through a correctness check, which reverts if the result is incorrect or stale:

function _checkAnswer(
        uint80 roundID,
        int256 price,
        uint256 updatedAt,
        uint80 answeredInRound
    ) internal pure {
        if (price <= 0) revert ZeroPriceException(); // F:[PO-5]
        if (answeredInRound < roundID || updatedAt == 0)
            revert ChainPriceStaleException(); // F:[PO-5]

LP price feeds

LP price feeds usually return a function computed from ordinary token price feeds, as well as some additional data, depending on the protocol.

An abstract contract LPPriceFeed serves as a base for all LP price feeds and contains logic for bound control for results. In some cases, values used for LP price feed calculation (e.g., Yearn pricePerShare) may be manipulatable, and the bounds ensure that short-term manipulation does not affect Gearbox.

NFT and address dependent pricefeeds

Unlike fungible tokens, NFTs, such as Uniswap V3 LP positions, do not have a single uniform price. There is no reliable way to compute the actual value of NFTs on an account from balance alone.

Passing the credit account's address allows the price feed to determine the NFTs a CA has, and correctly compute their value.


ZeroPriceFeed returns zero at all times. Only one ZeroPriceFeed contract is deployed on each network and serves all tokens for which there are no Chainlink feeds, or those feeds are unreliable.



Converts an asset amount into USD (decimals = 8). Reverts if priceFeed doesn't exist.

function convertToUSD(
    address creditAccount,
    uint256 amount,
    address token
) external view returns (uint256);
amountAmount to convert into USD.
tokenThe token for which the conversion is performed.


Converts an amount of USD (decimals = 8) into an asset.

function convertFromUSD(
    address creditAccount,
    uint256 amount,
    address token
) external view returns (uint256);
amountAmount of USD to convert.
tokenThe token for which the conversion is performed.


Returns price of a single token unit in USD (decimals = 8).

function getPrice(address creditAccount, address token)
    returns (uint256 price);
tokenThe token for which the price is requested.


Convers an amount of one asset to an equivalent amount of another asset.

function convert(
    address creditAccount,
    uint256 amount,
    address tokenFrom,
    address tokenTo
) external view returns (uint256)
amountAmount of tokenFrom to convert.
tokenFromToken to convert from.
tokenToToken to convert into.


Returns a price feed with all relevant parameters for a token. Reverts if there is no price feed for the passed token.

function priceFeedsWithFlags(address token)
    returns (
        address priceFeed,
        bool skipCheck,
        uint256 decimals
tokenThe token to get the price feed for.