Gearbox V2
Credit accounts
Adding collateral

Adding collateral

We strongly recommend to use addCollateral method in CreditFacade contract instead of tranferring tokens directly to credit account. This method is designed for your safety, let's check advantages:

  • It works with borrower address instead of credit account address, so it would be reverted, if borrower closed his account or such account was liquidated
  • It enables token, if such a token wasn't enabled before


Normal call

    function addCollateral(
        address onBehalfOf,
        address token,
        uint256 amount
    ) external payable;
onBehalfOfAddress of borrower to add funds
tokenToken address, it should be whitelisted on CreditManagert, otherwise it reverts
amountAmount to add

Adding collateral in multicall

During multicall it's possible to addCollateral:

    MultiCall[] memory calls = new MultiCall[](1);
    calls[0] = MultiCall({
        target: address(creditFacade),
        callData: abi.encodeWithSelector(